Will the real Jeff Beck please raise his guitar strumming hand? Will it be the musician who’s recognized as one of only a handful of Brit Invasion guitar gods from the 1960s that includes Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page? Will it be the man who absorbed a gritty blues “message in a bottle” that floated across the ocean from the States to the UK? Will it be the musician who, post Yardbirds, went on to create a short-lived rock super group? Or would it be the man who mastered jazz inflected jams and, a few years later, jazz fusion? The answer is all of the above.

This box set is smartly packaged. Start with a dramatic black and white enclosure which, when opened, reveals a reproduction of a Japanese playbill, a full-size repro of a vintage BBA poster, an amazingly well researched 40-page hardcover book authored by veteran music archivist/manager Bruce Pilato and, oh yeah, four vinyl LPs. Although both Beck and Bogert both passed away before the official release, all three members were fully involved in the project and shared a common vision (with mixing help from Ben Findlay.) Time to load disc one / side one onto the turntable of your choice.

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Source: All About Jazz