The end of her long marriage to guitarist Darrel Higham gave Imelda May plenty to write about for her new — and decidedly different — album, Life Love Flesh Blood, which comes out Apr. 7.

Life changes. You have to roll with it,” the Irish singer tells Billboard. “Certainly as an artist you have a good way to channel whatever’s going on. Songwriting, which I’m always doing, is almost like a diary.” And on Life Love Flesh Blood, produced by T Bone Burnett and recorded over seven days in Los Angeles, May took from that journal in the most unapologetically open and unvarnished way she ever has.




“I asked Jeff if he would play on my album, ’cause he’s been so good to me,” May says. “He said, ‘Yes, send me some songs, ‘ so I sent him a few and he heard ‘Black Tears’ and said ‘I want to play on that.’ So I went down to his house and he played a few amazing solos. He was working on his 17th album at the time, so we had a great day having a few drinks and listening to each other’s albums.”

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