Starting his love affair with the guitar in his early teens in Wallington, England, ole Geoffrey Arnold Beck scrounged and worked to get scrappy guitars and the skills he would need to get invited to join the Yard Birds in 1965. You could say this was his big break, but he was already playing with a number of bands at the time. Eventually leading to his superb solo album Blow By Blow in 1975, Jeff was first directly inspired by the Billy Cobham album Spectrum. He says this work blew him away and opened his mind to exciting new realms. This is very much why Jeff often performs the song “Stratus” from this Spectrum album, just as he did in Saint Louis on July 28th. It’s a prog-rock-fusion masterpiece and Beck’s band flies through the tricky song with expert poise. “Nadia” is the third song in the set. The beauty of this song is hard to express in words.

“It’s rare to find a musician who is truly virtuoso and capable of expressing so many emotions through an instrument, but these qualities exist clearly in Jeff Beck…. Again, words cannot express, but an artist of this caliber that has the ability to sing with his instrument is truly something to behold. Something to cherish.”

Source: Sonic Nation