‘Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop’ was released in October 1989. It reached number 49 on the Billboard 200 and “Stand on It” reached number 35 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. The album is Jeff’s fifth studio album and is mostly instrumental.

Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop features the talents of Tony Hymas on keyboard and Terry Bozzio on drums.

Track Listing below:

1. “Guitar Shop” Jeff Beck, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymas 5:03
2. “Savoy” Beck, Bozzio, Hymas 3:52
3. “Behind the Veil” Hymas 4:55
4. “Big Block” Beck, Bozzio, Hymas 4:09
5. “Where Were You” Beck, Bozzio, Hymas 3:17
6. “Stand on It” Beck, Hymas 4:59
7. “Day in the House” Beck, Bozzio, Hymas 5:04
8. “Two Rivers” Beck, Bozzio, Hymas 5:25
9. “Sling Shot” Beck, Hymas 3:07