Paste Magazine features Beck Bogert & Appice Live In Japan 1973 Live In London 1974 in vinyl round up.

Power trios are strangely hard to come by in today’s rock world. That reality only makes the achievements of some of the great groups like this one feel that much more momentous. Particularly when listening to these live recordings of guitarist Jeff Beck, bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice. Their dynamic chemistry and virtuosic playing papered over any idea that something might have been missing from their collective sound. These two double-LP sets, packaged in a big box along with bonus goodies like a big poster and recreation of the tour program from the trio’s run of Japanese shows, capture the group at the start and finish of their short history. Neither recording has been officially available here in the States, either, which only makes this set more craveable for collectors. Both sets were electrifying with the right amount of looseness that kept both the audiences and the musicians on their collective toes. Bogert sounds especially hopped up on the London recording as he did everything in his power to pull an otherwise taciturn crowd at the Rainbow Theatre out of their shells, using every ounce of his charisma to get them up and dancing. As with the lone studio album the group recorded, this whole set is really a tribute to Beck, who left us earlier this year. His playing throughout this collection scorches as he pushes electric blues to greater peaks of intensity and sensuality. With all respect to the fine work of his playmates, Beck is the star of this show and he shines as bright as ever.

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Source: Paste